Colloidal Minerals

What You Must Know About Colloidal MInerals

Colloidal Minerals Facts

One of the craze in the “alternative” nutrition is the colloidal mineral supplements. “They are being promoted as the cure for acne, anemia, brittle nails, birth defects, cancer, constipation, depression, diabetes, goiter, graying hair, hair loss, hyperactivity, impotence, ,infertility, memory loss, PMS, and wrinkles. Colloidal mineral are sold mostly by multi-level marketing companies having a list of claims but doing it with little or no knowledge of the product they are promoting. Currently, how will one know for sure that colloidal minerals are effective and not just a myth.

With the marvelous hit of trace mineral products in the nutrition industry, there logically will be lots of different opinions regarding its type, form, source, etc. Most of this controversy on Colloidal Minerals Facts comes from the marketing tactics of various firms that attempt to cast slanderous remark on competing products.

What are the Colloidal Minerals facts? First, a colloid is a particle substance that retains its identity that, on its own, would not remain in liquid suspension. Colloids are kept in suspension by putting electrical charges to mineral ions. With this, it is totally impossible to concentrate minerals at this state, and actually, colloids are an extremely dilute type of mineral supplementation. The competing companies who sell colloidal minerals are arguing that there are other forms of minerals that are smaller in size. By definition, a colloid is only described as the size of a particle of matter. While the argument may be true, the particle size is only one of more than a few factors that affect the body’s ability to absorb the minerals. Colloids are not the smallest particle size attainable, but they are indeed much smaller than the other supplements available on the market.

The second in the list of facts is that minerals, despite those who claim that they are from a purified tropical rain forest, “all are actually deriving their product from a 30-foot thick layer of carbonaceous shale intertwined with bituminous coal that was laid down during the Cretaceous period about 90 million years ago, and most are surface mined in the United States.”2 

Colloidal minerals, to be hard to digest when supplemented in any form. You will regularly hear claims that a supplement made by a certain company is far more readily absorbed by the human body than the other supplement. They often claim 98% absorption. However, Colloidal Minerals Facts would tell you that it is not reasonable to claim the percentage of absorption for a particular product since absorption will vary with every individual human being and with every nutrient. Factors that should be considered when talking absorption include one’s age because children who are still growing absorb calcium very proficiently unlike adults who absorb calcium very inadequately, medications used, daily diet, genetics, intestinal environment, and nutritional condition.

Those are the facts about Colloidal Minerals that no one can really deny. The problem now of consumers is the false marketing tactics of manufacturers who sell colloidal minerals especially the issue on their terminologies such as “ionized minerals” and energized particles” that they include in their products. This does not have much meaning since most mineral occur in nature as ions making them “ionized”, and all ions carry either positive or negative charge so they are also naturally energized.

After reading these Colloidal Minerals facts, it is reasonable to say that the answer to the question: “Does colloidal minerals really work?” remains debatable. Before buying one for you and your family, it is best to seek first some facts to ensure that everyone will receive the rightful benefit.